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Member Testimonials

"CIAS is jam packed with some of the most valuable information about the investor market that I have ever been exposed to. The calculators and pre-formulated worksheets make getting useful information to clients a cinch! Tons of great ideas that allow agents to get back home and get to work implementing ideas and strategies that will take their business to the next level."
- Aaron Edwards, All Stars Realty

"I have already put CIAS to work!!! Since my return I have found an investor that is having me put together a portfolio of 10 properties that are low risk with good returns. He has approximately $1,500,000 to spend. He said if the numbers work, he will buy all 10. I am also looking into putting an offer on a triplex I found that pulls in $1900 a month in rental and it is for sale for $88,000. Sounds like a good one to me. I think I will buy it! Thanks again for everything you do."
- Nathan Abbott, Resort Quest

"As the real estate market becomes increasingly more affordable and investors look for more security the next big wave in Real Estate will be the residential investor market. The CIAS course will place any real estate salesperson in the perfect spot to take advantage of that market at a high level."
- Mark Boyland, Keller Williams

"I have been successfully selling real estate for over three decades. The CIAS course was definitely a game changer for me. I will focus my experience, knowledge, and energy in helping our vast amount of our past customers achieve financial success. I highly recommend everyone to get certified."
- Annette Bohannon, Coldwell Banker

"It was a great introduction for residential agents to look at the real estate investor aspect of the market. By so doing, they can create another revenue source for their business. In addition, they were given tools and resources to be more knowledgeable in dealing and talking with investors and commercial agents."
-Bill Telford, Prudential Utah Elite Services

"Great tools to have, especially with where we are in the current market. There is an increasing number of investor buyers, and as listing agents, we need the tools to engage them."
- Charlene Humphreys – RedBud Realty and Associates