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"CIAS is jam packed with some of the most valuable information about the investor market that I have ever been exposed to. The calculators and pre-formulated worksheets make getting useful information to clients a cinch! Tons of great ideas that allow agents to get back home and get to work implementing ideas and strategies that will take their business to the next level."
- Aaron Edwards, All Stars Realty

"I have already put CIAS to work!!! Since my return I have found an investor that is having me put together a portfolio of 10 properties that are low risk with good returns. He has approximately $1,500,000 to spend. He said if the numbers work, he will buy all 10. I am also looking into putting an offer on a triplex I found that pulls in $1900 a month in rental and it is for sale for $88,000. Sounds like a good one to me. I think I will buy it! Thanks again for everything you do."
- Nathan Abbott, Resort Quest

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Industry Testimonials

“2011 is sure to be one of the largest purchase markets the United States has ever seen: Now more than ever, we need to get our Realtor partners engaged in the investor process, the mindset and the calculations associated with the opportunity to purchase property in this market. CIAS does just that. Every Realtor has a database of investors. The key is to tap into that resource with knowledge, value and the right opportunity. By helping Realtors do this, CIAS will be the designation of the future.”

Steve de Laveaga
Senior Vice President | Fidelity National Title