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Host or Sponsor a CIAS Live Event!

Find out how boards, associations, brokerages, title companies and other service providers are finding and connecting with the top real estate agents in their area!

The Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS) Designation Course was created to bring real estate agents the training and tools to find, create and close with residential real estate investors. Through comprehensive education and experience, a CIAS has gained the knowledge and tools to streamline the process of real estate investment and help increase returns for investor clients.

Market yourself to the growing network of CIAS agents who have tapped into the exploding investor market!

As a Host or Sponsor you will receive:

  • A two-day captive audience recognizing your organization as a provider of value in a difficult market
  • Streamlined event coordination – leave the details up to us!
  • Discounted registration rate for anyone in your network, including staff, clients and referral sources
  • Marketing materials to promote the event
  • Networking time with real estate professionals who are about to become the busiest agents in your area!


"The staff at the Distressed Property Institute makes my job as an education director so much easier. Everything is organized, all the materials are ready and professionally done, and the instructors are the pinnacle of speakers."

- Linda Hitchcock,

Orlando Regional REALTOR Association

"Every single time that we [host a class], the response is absolutely fantastic. The best thing about it is they come up to me and say, 'Thank you so much for inviting me. This is the best education I’ve ever received in my history of real estate.'"

- Lisa Marra,

Freedmont Mortgage


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