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December 31 & 31, 1969

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Dear Colleague,

I want you to know that you have my respect and admiration. The real estate business hasn’t been a picnic over the last few years. Even though real estate is still the safest and most conservative investment, it hasn’t been easy to be an agent.

The media wants you to run for the hills. Stories of the real estate apocalypse attract viewers and boost ratings. But, the facts are far different.

In fact, the smart money is CONTINUING to yank their cash out of the stock market and plow it into local real estate markets.

"I have already put CIAS to work!!! Since my return I have found an investor that is having me put together a portfolio of 10 properties that are low risk with good returns. He has approximately $1,500,000 to spend. He said if the numbers work, he will buy all 10."

- Nathan Abbott
  Resort Quest


The reality is, over the last decade,
the stock market has not delivered on the hype.

That’s right…stocks in the S&P500 have averaged just a 1.82% yield since January 2000. Many hardworking investors would have been better off putting their money into a savings account!

Even worse, total stock value actually declined by 7.2%. That’s why so many people are panicked about their 401k retirement plans. The stock market is slowly bleeding these investments dry.


Is real estate any different?

Even when you take into account the recent mortgage crisis, since January 2000, real estate sales prices have INCREASED by 14.4%!

That is why the smart money is accelerating its investment in real estate.


Non-professional investors are also pooling their money and investing it in local properties. This means that the number of people looking for smart real estate investments is growing by the day.

This flight from the stock market into real estate is creating the next big opportunity for agents. You’re literally surrounded by a new client base!

What Does The Average Investor Really Look Like?

What is fueling the next phase of real estate? It is the average investor. They are "everyday" people who need to find new ways to build wealth. They have given up on the stock market and distrust the folks in Washington.

These investors don’t own a yacht or a garage full of exotic vehicles.

They aren't rich. In fact our research shows that they earn about $87,201 a year - just 17% more than the average homeowner.

There are more middle-class investors than there are ultra-rich property moguls. They aren’t buying apartment buildings or commercial property.

Research shows that 63% of investor purchases are for single-family detached homes. These investors recognize that families would rather rent homes than apartments. They’re rushing to meet the new demand.

Did you know that 95% of income properties are not purchased in resort towns? The fact is that most property is bought within 25 miles of the investor’s primary residence.

One more fact, 76% of investment properties are purchased in small and rural towns. Your next property investor client could be your next-door neighbor, usher at church or fellow PTA member!

Why miss out on the $18 billion in commissions waiting for agents who service the investors of the new economy? Get your slice of the pie. Right now, residential property investors are already investing in your community. The majority of them will initially seek out an agent. Agents with the right skills, vocabulary and expertise will close more deals and add these investors to their client roster.

These investor agent experts can expect to:


Watch their commission income rise predictably every month;


Insulate their income from unexpected feast-to-famine swings;


Enjoy steady, repeat business, allowing them to lower their marketing investment and protect their commissions from competition; and


Lockout other agents who just “dabble” with investor clients.


Thousands of Agents Have Skyrocketed Their Commissions Using The CIAS System. Will You Be One of Them?

Agents who earn their Certified Investor Agent Specialist™ (CIAS) Designation have the skills, expertise, vocabulary and resources needed to structure winning deals for their clients. Investors know the CIAS Designation as a litmus test for working with Agents.

Join the growing network of CIAS agents who are:


Closing faster with more cash buyers


Tripling their closings with each new client


Uncovering the repeat buyers in their existing database


Finding buyers who buy year round


Learning how to get 20 more deals per year


Working with clients who buy without emotion


Doubling their productivity


And so much more!

"CIAS is jam packed with some of the most valuable information about the investor market that I have ever been exposed to. The calculators and pre-formulated worksheets make getting useful information to clients a cinch! Tons of great ideas that allow agents to get back home and get to work implementing ideas and strategies that will take their business to the next level."

- Aaron Edwards
  All Stars Realty


Don't Wait! The class is filling up quickly.

Don’t miss your chance to take one of our Live CIAS Classes. Thousands of agents have earned their CIAS Designation through our Distance Learning Course, but you have the opportunity to attend a rare, local LIVE event.

Get face-to-face training and all your questions answered personally by one of our experienced Agent Instructors. Plus, you will have the opportunity to network and exchange referrals with other agents, who share the similar goal of helping investors build wealth through real estate!

In only two days—at a convenient location near you— you can learn everything you need to unleash your own Real Estate Investor “Cash Machine” – complete with a turn-key system and all the marketing materials and calculators you’ll need.


Included with your CIAS Live CLass Registration

The Complete CIAS Field Manual
370 pages of the most effective strategies, techniques, and resources for Investor Agent Specialists.

Resources Folder
All the forms, checklists and tools you'll need to kickstart your investor business.

Certificate of Completion
Proudly display your certificate to let everyone know you're Certified Investor Agent Specialist!

Investment Deals Marketing
Tools and flyer templates that you can use to promote your Investor Agent services.

A Sample Investor Presentation
Jumpstart your marketing with a proven Investor Presentation Template.

A Sample Investment Package
An easy-to-understand sample illustrating a return on investment analysis – the basic building block of every Investment Package.

CIAS Calculators
Specialized tools for retirement analysis, capitalization rates and cash-on-cash return.

Investor Practice Scripts
Easy scripts that you can use to practice important investor presentations and conversations.

Investor Terms Glossary
Learn the vocabulary of the investor and boost your confidence!


As you can see, we’re completely equipping you to be successful as a Certified Investor Agent Specialist.

Join the CIAS Movement and Leverage the Shared Experience of the Top Agents in the Business

Stack the deck in your favor. Members receive full-access to CIAS Membership resources. These tools are valuable additions that accelerate the learning process for our top agents.

Limited Time BONUS: Get 12 months of FREE Access to these CIAS Membership resources.

Exclusive! Monthly Member Coaching Calls – Join our live broadcasts to get the latest industry news, insights on growing your business, and firsthand information from top lenders and industry leaders. You can even get your questions answered live on the call!
Community Forums - Connect with agents across the country to find answers to your questions, exchange referrals and share best practices.
Resources Library – We continuously update our materials. Access the latest forms, checklists, scripts, presentations, webinars and articles to grow your investor business.
CIAS Logo - Get access to the CIAS Logo to use on your business cards, marketing materials, website, etc. Let your prospective clients and referral sources know that you are a Certified Investor Agent Specialist!
BONUS! Find a CIAS - Generate leads and referrals of investors looking for a CIAS in their area.
BONUS! Member-Only Savings - Qualify for discounts on CIAS events, including our annual conference.

Remember that this is a limited-time benefit. Our current members pay dues to access these resources. You will get 12 months FREE when you enroll in the CIAS Designation Course.

How Impactful Will a Growing, Predictable and Sustainable Income Stream be for You?

This chart shows that an average homeowner buys a new home every 9 years. Remember that. All of the marketing dollars you spend on one homebuyer will earn you 2 commission checks over the next 14 years.

Now picture yourself having invested in the CIAS Designation Course. You’re a Certified Investor Agent Specialist. You’ve added the skills, resources and experience of a trained investor specialist to your toolbox. You know how to find opportunities, structure deals, and present them to investors.

Your income looks radically different than the traditional agent.

Your investor clients make a new investment every 2 years or 0.5 deals a year.

Also, you are using the tools we’ll provide to attract 10 new investor clients a year.

Do the math.

"I am amazed at the potential to triple my business using the CIAS designation. I have spoken to so many people since I finished the course who are chomping at the bit to get into real estate investing but had no idea where and how to start."

- Yaron Marcus
  Coldwell Banker


Not bad right. But that’s not all.

Here’s why. Each of those investors will continue to bring in new deals every single year – compounding their positive impact on your income.

That’s 100 extra deals over the next 5 years!

If we are conservative and say that you make an average commission of just $3,000 from each investor deal then you’ll earn over $300,000 in 5 years or an extra $60,000 a year.

Would an extra $60,000/year radically change your financial picture? I bet it would! The only question is what are you willing to invest to get this outcome or will you stand idly by and then live in regret?


Here’s what you’ll get:

Two full days of live classroom instruction, taught by an experienced Agent Instructor
The Complete CIAS Field Manual
The Complete CIAS Resources Folder
Certificate of Completion
Investment Deals Marketing
A Sample Investor Presentation
A Sample Investment Package
CIAS Calculators
Investor Practice Scripts
Investor Terms Glossary
**Plus 12 month FREE Access to the CIAS Membership Program that includes:
Monthly Member Coaching Calls
Community Forum
Resource Library
CIAS Logo Rights and Permissions
BONUS! Listing on Find a CIAS
BONUS! Member-only Discounts

You are easily receiving 10x the value of the price. I am confident that this will be one of the most important investments you’ll make in your business. I doubt you will ever see an opportunity to earn so much for such a small investment.

You Get My 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

I stand behind the CIAS Designation. It’s worked for thousands of agents and it will work for you. If for any reason, or no reason at all, you aren’t thrilled with the CIAS course just let us know and we will gladly will refund your money.

How much more fun and profitable would you be if your business was all about closing fast with year-round unemotional cash buyers?

If you put the compounding effect to work for you, how would that impact your business in the next year? What would your income look like when you’re ready for retirement?

What projects or opportunities could you fund that you haven’t been ready, able or financially capable of doing yet? Which one will you do first?

Great! Let’s get you started. Simply click “Enroll Today” below and we'll see you at our Live CIAS Class!

Here’s to your increased success!

With gratitude,

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Alex Charfen
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"As the real estate market becomes increasingly more affordable and investors look for more security the next big wave in Real Estate will be the residential investor market. The CIAS course will place any real estate salesperson in the perfect spot to take advantage of that market at a high level."

- Mark Boyland
  Keller Williams


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